OXO Salad Spinner Review

OXO Salad Spinner

A salad spinner may not seem like the most important purchase of a lifetime, but I researched it more than the refrigerator we bought.

Although, that was mostly because our main criteria for the fridge was that it fit in the tiny corner of the apartment kitchen. Good enough.

So lets talk about this magnificent salad spinner.

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Ninja Blender Review

Review of my Ninja Blender/Food Processor

Ninja System

They say you learn a lot when you get married, and I have to admit it’s true. For example, after Kevin and I got married and moved to California, we learned about all the things we should have put on our registry.

Namely a food processor.

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Spicy Mushroom Meatballs {Vegetarian, Freezer Meal!}

Spicy Mushroom Meatballs

Spicy Mushroom Vegetarian Meatballs

I recently found out that at work I am known as “the cupcake lady.” I’m not sure how to feel about this.

Should I be ashamed because I don’t have a stronger “health” presence at work? Or am I glad that people don’t think of me as the broccoli lady or the health nut? Continue reading “Spicy Mushroom Meatballs {Vegetarian, Freezer Meal!}”

Why I’m {mostly} vegetarian.

Why I'm mostly vegetarian.

You may be wondering why I bother to explain. After all, there are plenty of vegetarian RDNs, along with non-vegetarian ones. It’s not like I am explaining a decision to subsist on earthworms (ewww).

There are a number of reasons a person might be vegetarian, and I would hate for you to assume that it is for attention-seeking measures if the only vegetarians you know are like that. Continue reading “Why I’m {mostly} vegetarian.”