THE BEST Coffee Marshmallows

Coffee Marshmallows Title

Somehow I thought the first day of fall was in the distant future. October 20th or something. It was quite the surprise when I learned, a few days ago, that today is the first day of fall. What better way to celebrate than with coffee marshmallows? Continue reading “THE BEST Coffee Marshmallows”

Kevin’s Famous Green Chile Sauce {Vegetarian}

Kevin's Famous Green Chile Sauce

I have to be honest with you and disclose that Kevin’s Famous Green Chile Sauce isn’t actually¬†famous yet. Give it some time though. All it takes is a church potluck, dinner guests, or a picture on Facebook. Soon he’ll need to wear dark glasses when we go out. Continue reading “Kevin’s Famous Green Chile Sauce {Vegetarian}”

How we save money on groceries


Have you ever sat down to take a hard look at your budget to see what you can trim? Depending on your situation, you may not have much wiggle room in any of your budget categories. But there is almost always one you can manipulate: FOOD.¬† Continue reading “How we save money on groceries”