Does this baby make me look fat? – A guide to weight gain during pregnancy.


I once worked with a girl who came to me for help because she had already gained 28 pounds in her first 13 weeks of pregnancy. This was a coworker of mine, not a client. Although I did offer to talk with her, she seemed to figure out on her own that she had gotten over-excited in sight of being pregnant and ate her way well past the recommended two pounds that should be gained in the first trimester.

I can understand her excitement, as well as how she may not have seen the pounds piling on. And when she asked me about it, I honestly didn’t have a number in mind of how much weight would have been normal at that point. So lets explore that. Continue reading “Does this baby make me look fat? – A guide to weight gain during pregnancy.”

10 Habits to Start in College (Part I)


Welcome to the first Sunday Study Break! If you are a student in nutrition (or other subject) I hope this will bring you some refreshment in the midst of your studying.

When I was in my freshman year of college, I took a generic health course that covered basic diet and exercise principles along with other topics such as mental health. The number one thing I remember from the class is something the teacher said at the end of one of her lectures: Continue reading “10 Habits to Start in College (Part I)”

The Beauty of a Foodie


I am a foodie, self-admittedly. Long before I knew there was even a term for a person obsessed with trying new foods, combinations, and recipes, I was there, eating my oatmeal out of a peanut butter jar.

This love of food is what ultimately brought me to my career choice. Honestly, my choices were dietitian or pastry chef. I took the road that seemed to promise fewer nights and weekends. Continue reading “The Beauty of a Foodie”