My Interview with a long-term care dietitian.

My interview with a long-term care dietitan

If there was anything I could have wished for earlier in my education, it would have been more exposure to the daily life of a dietitian. I have mentioned how I love Today’s Dietitian because the magazine lets you virtually rub shoulders with dietitians and get an idea of what potential is out there for students of nutrition and dietetics. Continue reading “My Interview with a long-term care dietitian.”

Surviving Finals (Without Losing Sleep and Sanity)

Surviving Finals Without Losing Sleep and Sanity

It’s about time for finals, right? After Thanksgiving is that one last sprint, where you take a deep breath and try to zoom through the last few projects and some (terrifying) finals.

It sounds silly, but those finals seem like a huge insurmountable roadblock on the way to Christmas. You can make it though, and with the following tips you can ace your finals! Continue reading “Surviving Finals (Without Losing Sleep and Sanity)”

How to Welcome a New Hire

How to welcome a new hire

I’m sure you’ve been on the new hire end of a job; it’s pretty stressful, wouldn’t you say?

I have recently been training a new person at my first job and playing new person at my second job. Yep, second job. In our efforts to buy a house in the near future I have taken a full time job and stayed part time at my other job. It’s nice to balance learning all new things with doing something old and comfortable. Continue reading “How to Welcome a New Hire”

My most important shopping tool – and favorite app!

My most important shopping tool

My most important shopping tool – and favorite app!

I’m not into many apps, and I’ve found that the ones that are supposed to keep my life super organized fall out of use quickly. The few apps I do use have broad uses, my favorite being Wunderlist.

I’m going to go ahead and assume you know the benefits of making a list before you go grocery shopping. There is less time involved with multiple trips to the store each week, money saved by knowing what you need and buying mostly only that, and less gas used to get to the store only once a week compared to four times. Continue reading “My most important shopping tool – and favorite app!”

Enjoying the moment over break

5 tips for enjoying the moment over break

Ah, Thanksgiving break! If you aren’t home from college already, the only thing standing between you and Turkey Day is a couple of classes and the (hopefully safe) trip home. If you go to school locally, great! You are probably saving a chunk of money on room and board!

I have always lucked out with my birthday being near Thanksgiving break, especially when I was out of state for college. As lucky as I was getting to celebrate my birthday over break, I also kind of squandered the whole purpose of break. Freshman year I lugged my 200 pound Anatomy and Physiology textbook from Nebraska to Colorado, where I feverishly studied concepts I no longer remember. I repeated this foolishness through Christmas, spring break, and even summer vacation. For Three. Years.

Continue reading “Enjoying the moment over break”