Ninja Blender Review

Review of my Ninja Blender/Food Processor

Ninja System

They say you learn a lot when you get married, and I have to admit it’s true. For example, after Kevin and I got married and moved to California, we learned about all the things we should have put on our registry.

Namely a food processor.

We went all out and asked for a KitchenAid mixer (this one, specifically) which was great for our pizza dough and cookies. But when it came to hummus and other pureed delicacies, we were out of luck. I was far away from home and my mother’s Cuisinart food processor, so we placed some harsh responsibilities on my poor little Magic Bullet.

Well, since I am lucky enough to have my birthday align closely with Black Friday and the deals surrounding that day, I took the plunge last November.

I wanted a VitaMix, but my birthday doesn’t bring in that kind of revenue. Instead I settled on a Ninja from Sams Club that comes with a pitcher for blending, a food processor bowl, and two blender cups.

Overall, I love it.

If you are getting married or know someone who is, this is a great (generous) gift. If you are my friend and getting married, I’m sorry. My budget is about $20-30. My heart says $500, but my budget says $20. But please do consider this machine as it takes care of blender, food processor, and smoothie needs all in one appliance. For less than $200. Great for starting out on your own.

Specifically though…

Blender cups

What really got me in the market for a new blendy appliance was my smoothies. I am not a super trendy dietitian, but I do like my smoothies. My Magic Bullet was looking to bite the dust, and I wanted something that could blend quickly and powerfully without a lot of shaking on my part.

Enter the Nutri Ninja blender cups.

Ninja Blender Cups

These are 24 ounces, significantly larger than my Bullet cups. Nothing wrong with Magic Bullet; I loved mine dearly and deeply. But spinach can take up a lot of room in a blender cup, and I was having daily smoothie spills.

Blender cup blades

The seal on the to-go lid is also pretty impressive, so I don’t have to worry about spilling a blueberry chia smoothie all over my car. It’s always a good day when that doesn’t happen.

Travel lid for blender cup


I don’t use the blender super often, but when I do it blends quickly and powerfully. The last thing I remember blending in it was cottage cheese for lasagna (call me cheap, but it works like ricotta for half the price).

Blender Lid
Please excuse the fuzz on my blender…

It has a pouring spout and locking lid for if you mass-produce smoothies and you don’t want it to come gushing out like a mango avalanche (though I’d like to be in one of those…). The capacity is pretty large, at least comparable to most blenders. The multiple blades blend food very fast.

Blender Blades

Food processor

Food Processor

Speaking honestly, the food processor didn’t quite live up to all my hopes and dreams. The silky smooth hummus I got from Mom’s Cuisinart has yet to come from this food processor, and my attempt at making tahini in it was disappointing as well. I would love to make my own almond butter, so I will let you know if that is a success.

Before you think I am utterly disappointed by this part of the system, let me assure you that I do use it often and find it, for the most part, quite satisfactory. The slicer/shredder disks work great, and I like that the chute can adapt to larger or smaller foods.

Shredding Blade

Like the blender, the food processor has multiple blades. This makes purees fast, and cleaning dangerous. Most of the time you can rinse it off without really having to scrub between blades, but when I blend something sticky like peanut butter and sweet potatoes for these brownies, you have to get in there and scrub.

I haven’t used the dough blade yet, and I wonder how if affects the science of doughs and batters. We shall see.

Dough Blade

The bowl of the food processor isn’t as large as some, but it seems perfectly adequate for my uses. If I have octuplets and this doesn’t fit my baby food needs, I’ll upgrade. It’s a doubtful conundrum for me though.

One feature I love about the food processor is that you can remove the blade to scrape the bowl clean, and there isn’t a gaping hole in the bottom of the bowl.

Processor Base

Main Drawbacks

Anyone who knows me can tell you how much I love hummus, so it was a little disappointing that I couldn’t get the result I wanted with this machine. I have been wanting to make my own almond butter for some time now, so it will be sad if that doesn’t work either. It just can’t seem to do the fine blending I need.

Cleaning can be a little bit tedious with the multiple blades, but I’ve only cut myself once so I must have learned my lesson.

Still Friends

Like I said, I am overall satisfied with this product and I am glad to have both a blender and food processor in one purchase. It is quite powerful and does most jobs very well. We can work on the hummus bit.


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