OXO Salad Spinner Review

OXO Salad Spinner

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A salad spinner may not seem like the most important purchase of a lifetime, but I researched it more than the refrigerator we bought.

Although, that was mostly because our main criteria for the fridge was that it fit in the tiny corner of the apartment kitchen. Good enough.

So lets talk about this magnificent salad spinner.

OXO Salad Spinner

Large Capacity

This is a pretty large salad spinner, which is great because we eat quite a lot of greenery. We use it for lettuce, cilantro, kale, and sometimes even broccoli and cauliflower. The bowl can also be used as a serving dish, and honestly it is classy enough I would.

Stable Base

The base has a ring of grippy rubber so that the bowl of lettuce doesn’t go spinning off the counter. Definitely a plus since *some* of us get carried away pumping the salad spinner.

OXO Salad Spinner Grippy Base

Easy to spin

OXO Salad Spinner Pumping Handle

The salad spinner I used before had a stubby little knob that was hard to hold on to. Cranking that (70’s orange) salad spinner was not an easy task.

I love the large knob that only requires a simple pumping motion to spin the colander. It would be perfect for elderly people that can’t grip small objects well or aren’t very strong.


OXO Salad Spinner Brake

The concept of a salad spinner with a brake on it seemed like overkill at first, but it really is handy. It only takes a few pumps to get it going (and going), so it is nice to be able to reel it in.

Locking Pump

Pump Lock


This feature puzzled me for a while. What it does is keep the pump pushed down when not in use – making it much easier to store.


Pump Locked Down
Pump in locked position so the top is flat.

I was so in love with this salad spinner that I bought one for my mother as well. She’s equally impressed 🙂


This post contains affiliate links. Please visit my disclosure page to learn more about how all of that works.


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