The best whole-wheat tortillas I’ve found so far


Dietitian friends are the best. We get to discuss RD stuff together¬†and learn about new products. I introduced one of my dietitian friends to what I thought was a good whole wheat tortilla, and she in turn introduced me to the best whole wheat tortilla I’ve ever had.

I liked my other whole wheat tortillas pretty well. They have plenty of fiber, only have 100 calories each, and are pretty tasty. I shared one with my friend, thinking this was as good as a whole-grain tortilla gets.

Sams Club Tortillas
100 calorie tortillas from Sams Club

The next day she brought me one of her whole wheat tortillas. They have 50 calories and are slightly smaller than mine (8″ vs. 8 1/2″), but they are lighter and fluffier than I ever thought a whole wheat tortilla could be.

The tortillas I had would never pass in burritos. They are too grainy and stiff. These new tortillas though, they have the “husband seal of approval.” They burrito so good, I used them as a prop in the green chile sauce post.

Smothered Burritoes

I still love my 100 calorie tortillas, but I reserve them for oriental wraps or just to munch on. They are great for meals where bend-ability is not as much of a requirement.

These new tortillas though, these have won my heart.

Where to find these magical 50-calorie tortillas?

I purchased them at a Kroger store, though I have seen them online too. At our store they were $4.00 for a package of 8, though I have caught them on sale for $3.00.


  • Calories: 50
  • Fat:1.5 g
  • Sodium: 310 mg
  • Carb: 16 g
  • Fiber: 11 g
  • Protein: 4 g

How can this be? The 16 grams of carbs alone have 64 calories.

Notice the 11 grams of fiber. There are differing views on whether or not fiber contributes calories, but for now packages are allowed to stated that it does not. So 16-11 = 5 g net carbs.

  • Fat: 1.5*9= 13.5 calories
  • Carb: 5*4= 20 calories
  • Protein: 4*4=16 calories
  • Total calories:49.5 calories.

Tell me about your newest healthy food discovery…?

Xtreme Wellness Tortillas Pin


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