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Within the last year or so I’ve noticed Sams Club devoting more space to trendy health foods. One of my favorite products that they’ve brought on board is PBfit.

I was skeptical at first, because I tried PB2 a few years ago and wasn’t impressed. PBfit seemed like the same idea, but the price was decent so I decided to give it a try.

PBfit from Sams
PBfit made it into the latest Sams Club haul.

PBfit has now become a regular on our Sams Club List and we have found more and more uses for it. We love it! Though not everything I’ve tried it in has been a winner, I’ve gotten a pretty good feel for how I can substitute it for regular peanut butter. Here’s a few things I’ve tried and how well the substitution went:

Mixed according to directions

Not my favorite. If you mix the PBfit with some honey as well as water it’s pretty good, but without sweetening it’s not great. Also, add the water very gradually. It’s best without too much water.

Added to oatmeal and other cereal

From steel cut oats to Cheerios, PBfit is a tasty addition to cereals. It’s also a great way to add protein to breakfast. Although I love regular peanut butter, it contributes a generous amount of fat to meals. PBfit offers flavor and protein without so much fat. Love it!

Used to make protein bites

Remember these little peanut butter energy bites? I thought I would experiment with a lower-calorie version featuring PBfit. No dice.

Even when you add other liquid to make a rollable consistency, the mouthfeel is just not the same. I ended up adding extra honey and regular peanut butter just to get them to a palatable state (and make the experience less like eating kitty litter).

Made into Elvis pancakes


A couple of months ago I finally ordered the Chocolate Covered Katie Cookbook and I have been loving it! We made the Elvis Pancakes using PBfit and it worked perfectly. SO much peanut butter flavor without all the fat.

It probably helps that we didn’t have an established expectation for Elvis Pancakes before trying them with PBfit. Either way, they were moist and delicious. That is one thing I love about pumpkin pancakes (and Elvis pancakes!) – they are so moist that you don’t have to drown them in syrup to hydrate their dry little souls.

Made into fruit dip

Plain 0% Greek yogurt + PBfit + Honey = delicious, protein-packed fruit dip. I love it with apples, and it would be great with bananas too. You know how I love bananas.

Smoothie add-in

Our standard smoothie recipe features a chocolate-peanut butter-banana combo. PBfit allows us to be generous with the peanut butter flavor without adding lots of fat (and calories) to our evening smoothie.

When we were using regular peanut butter, the sides of the blender would get all gummed up and oily. PBfit doesn’t do that, so smoothie cleanup is a lot easier now.

PBfit Collage

So how much does it cost?

This is one of my number one questions in life. Someone can tell me how great a product is all day long, but if I’m not comfortable with the price, I’m not going to buy it.

PBfit is available at Sams Club in 30 oz containers (very nice containers, by the way) for $9.98. This levels out to about $.14/per 2 tablespoon serving. For comparison, I also buy this peanut butter for $6.37 and the price per 2 tablespoon serving comes to about $.20. That makes PBfit slightly cheaper than my regular peanut butter. I do still love my regular peanut butter though.

Note that these are prices in my area and might be different where you live.


Do you have a favorite brand of peanut butter powder? What kind of recipes do you love to use it in?

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