Four more paws

Yep, there are four more paws in the house.


Two years ago we adopted a kitty as my reward for passing the RD exam.


The next year we adopted another kitty. We weren’t really planning to get another cat, but he was just so dreamy and his tail is like a big feather duster.


This guy was last year’s Black Friday score. He’s about eight years old, but he has lots of spunk left in him. I had my eye on him quite a while before we adopted him. You probably got a peek of him in this post.


I almost made it an entire year without adopting another animal. I truly thought I would. But then I started volunteering at a local humane society and, well…


The rest, as they say, is history.


This little guy has been with us two weeks now, and he’s fitting in marvelously. Kitty #2 has made it abundantly clear that he is still the boss though.


I’ve officially promised not to bring any more pets into the house while we’re living in my parents’ basement. And I am a woman of my word, so you know what that means.



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