I’ve been waiting for you!

Just kidding, that’s creepy.

But YOU have been waiting for good food, right?

Not just good food, REALLY good food.

Spicy Mushroom Meatballs

Food that’s not only knock-your-socks-off delicious, but also good to your body.

Your body is this incredible factory that churns out bone mass, blood, and new skin. What are you feeding it that helps it do these amazing things? Really good food, I hope!

Autumn Apple Fritter Bread

I won’t say that the recipes you find here are all 100% healthy. Some weigh in heavier on the delicious end of the spectrum and lighter on the healthy end. But for the most part I aim for the sweet spot where the two intersect.

One easy way to do that is to focus on plants.

Vegetable Filling

While you won’t find exclusively plant-based recipes here, many of them are plant-centered. Check out some of my personal favorites:

My Basic Hummus Recipe

My Basic Hummus Recipe

Homemade Chia Tea

Homemade Chia Tea

Kevin’s Famous Green Chile Sauce

Kevin's Famous Green Chile Sauce

So who am I, and what entitles me to bring you delicious food?

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with special interests in preventing childhood obesity and practicing mindful eating. I also dabble in food science from time to time. I’m a vegetarian, but not one of those vegetarians.

My husband Kevin is my better half; he is an incredible cook and helps A TON with the fooding at our house.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg, so I’m including some speed dating questions (and answers) to help us get to know each other.

  1. What is your favorite smell?

Hmm… vanilla? Or onions cooking…

  1. What movie would you watch time after time?

Julie and Julia.

  1. Cats or dogs?

Bunnies! Just kidding. I’m a big animal lover, and right now we have three cats. Hopefully we will be adding a dog to the mix in the nearish future.


We adopted a 7-year-old pup in October of 2017. 

  1. What are your hobbies?

Cleaning, budgeting, paying off student loans… Oh, like fun things?

Painting, knitting, cooking, gardening, hiking, and other random things.

  1. What is a food you could eat every day?



There’s so much more to learn about each other – please fill me in with your answers!