How we save money on groceries


Have you ever sat down to take a hard look at your budget to see what you can trim? Depending on your situation, you may not have much wiggle room in any of your budget categories. But there is almost always one you can manipulate: FOOD.  Continue reading “How we save money on groceries”

Homemade Dog Treats – Just four ingredients!

Homade dog treats

Homemade Dog Treats

This time of year the house is almost always filled with treats of some kind or another – tins of butter cookies from work, leftover cake from a birthday, crumbles of yet another fudge attempt that didn’t pan out. And on top of this, we start gearing up for Christmas with sugar cookies, biscotti, spiced nuts, and a random lemon meringue pie. Continue reading “Homemade Dog Treats – Just four ingredients!”

10 Foodie gifts to request (and give) this Christmas

Gifts to request and give this Christmas

10 Foodie Gifts to request (and give) this Christmas

Do you already know what gifts you are going to request (and give) this Christmas? I happen to love giving gifts (receiving them isn’t bad either) and I really enjoy picking out cool gifts for the people I love. Since clutter builds up so easily, I try to stick to either practical or consumable goodies. And in case you need some help choosing gifts for your loved ones this year, I have compiled a list of gifts particularly suited to foodies. Continue reading “10 Foodie gifts to request (and give) this Christmas”

Vegetable Dumplings – Freezer Recipe

Vegetable Dumplings

Vegetable Dumplings

Every time Kevin and I walk through Bed Bath and Beyond or Target, we (semi) jokingly say, “Hey, let’s get married again!”

I would have no problem at all filling up more registries, and even less trouble using those pretty gift cards that people give you at bridal showers. A wedding gift card was exactly how we ended up with a bamboo steamer, after all.

Continue reading “Vegetable Dumplings – Freezer Recipe”