How we save money on groceries


Have you ever sat down to take a hard look at your budget to see what you can trim? Depending on your situation, you may not have much wiggle room in any of your budget categories. But there is almost always one you can manipulate: FOOD.  Continue reading “How we save money on groceries”

10 Foodie gifts to request (and give) this Christmas

Gifts to request and give this Christmas

10 Foodie Gifts to request (and give) this Christmas

Do you already know what gifts you are going to request (and give) this Christmas? I happen to love giving gifts (receiving them isn’t bad either) and I really enjoy picking out cool gifts for the people I love. Since clutter builds up so easily, I try to stick to either practical or consumable goodies. And in case you need some help choosing gifts for your loved ones this year, I have compiled a list of gifts particularly suited to foodies. Continue reading “10 Foodie gifts to request (and give) this Christmas”

My Interview with a long-term care dietitian.

My interview with a long-term care dietitan

If there was anything I could have wished for earlier in my education, it would have been more exposure to the daily life of a dietitian. I have mentioned how I love Today’s Dietitian because the magazine lets you virtually rub shoulders with dietitians and get an idea of what potential is out there for students of nutrition and dietetics. Continue reading “My Interview with a long-term care dietitian.”

Surviving Finals (Without Losing Sleep and Sanity)

Surviving Finals Without Losing Sleep and Sanity

It’s about time for finals, right? After Thanksgiving is that one last sprint, where you take a deep breath and try to zoom through the last few projects and some (terrifying) finals.

It sounds silly, but those finals seem like a huge insurmountable roadblock on the way to Christmas. You can make it though, and with the following tips you can ace your finals! Continue reading “Surviving Finals (Without Losing Sleep and Sanity)”

My most important shopping tool – and favorite app!

My most important shopping tool

My most important shopping tool – and favorite app!

I’m not into many apps, and I’ve found that the ones that are supposed to keep my life super organized fall out of use quickly. The few apps I do use have broad uses, my favorite being Wunderlist.

I’m going to go ahead and assume you know the benefits of making a list before you go grocery shopping. There is less time involved with multiple trips to the store each week, money saved by knowing what you need and buying mostly only that, and less gas used to get to the store only once a week compared to four times. Continue reading “My most important shopping tool – and favorite app!”