How we save money on groceries


Have you ever sat down to take a hard look at your budget to see what you can trim? Depending on your situation, you may not have much wiggle room in any of your budget categories. But there is almost always one you can manipulate: FOOD.  Continue reading “How we save money on groceries”

Two simple tools that make freezing produce easy!

Tools that make freezing produce Easy


It’s officially summer, and summer means the garden is bushing out and starting to promise some delicious produce. It may be almost August, but our garden is just getting ready to deliver! Continue reading “Two simple tools that make freezing produce easy!”

Why I’m {mostly} vegetarian.

Why I'm mostly vegetarian.

You may be wondering why I bother to explain. After all, there are plenty of vegetarian RDNs, along with non-vegetarian ones. It’s not like I am explaining a decision to subsist on earthworms (ewww).

There are a number of reasons a person might be vegetarian, and I would hate for you to assume that it is for attention-seeking measures if the only vegetarians you know are like that. Continue reading “Why I’m {mostly} vegetarian.”

My Interview with a long-term care dietitian.

My interview with a long-term care dietitan

If there was anything I could have wished for earlier in my education, it would have been more exposure to the daily life of a dietitian. I have mentioned how I love Today’s Dietitian because the magazine lets you virtually rub shoulders with dietitians and get an idea of what potential is out there for students of nutrition and dietetics. Continue reading “My Interview with a long-term care dietitian.”

How to Welcome a New Hire

How to welcome a new hire

I’m sure you’ve been on the new hire end of a job; it’s pretty stressful, wouldn’t you say?

I have recently been training a new person at my first job and playing new person at my second job. Yep, second job. In our efforts to buy a house in the near future I have taken a full time job and stayed part time at my other job. It’s nice to balance learning all new things with doing something old and comfortable. Continue reading “How to Welcome a New Hire”