About Me

Short version: My name is Ashley. I’m a registered dietitian and I live in Colorado with my husband that I absolutely adore. We cook.

Fun Version: 


I don’t consider myself an incredibly interesting person, which is why I was totally shocked when Kevin (my now husband) wanted to date back in 2012. We were both working at a summer camp in Colorado, and at the end of the summer I was headed off to Argentina to study abroad for nine months.

Iguazu Falls in January
Enjoying the view at Iguazu!

Argentina was great, but distance makes the heart grow fonder, so nine months became six.


Countdown to coming home.
Kevin set up a count down when he found out I was coming home early from Argentina. We still have it running four years later.


Kevin was overdue for a visit to his family, so he and I made a trip to meet the parents in the spring of 2013.

Big Trees
Sitting by a big tree at Big Trees National Park (apt name).


He apparently assured his mother that marriage wasn’t in the near future, but we were engaged about a month later.

We couldn’t swing the romantic, serious engagement pictures. Thus we settled for quirky and relaxed 🙂


Speaking of moving fast, we tied the knot exactly one month after getting engaged. It was a wonderful wedding in my parents’ front yard. We also planned and catered the food our very own selves.

Wedding cheesecake. And trust issues.


Soon after our wedding, my brother shipped off to Micronesia to teach science classes and eat coconuts, and we newlyweds moved to California for me to finish my degree in nutrition and dietetics.

Palm Trees
We didn’t care too much for California, but at least there were palm trees!


I’m hoping my parents didn’t enjoy their empty nest too much, because we all moved back home in the Spring of 2015 and the nest is getting…cozy. We appreciate the low rent, but we are looking to get out of the (orange carpeted) basement very soon.

Free vacuum servicing.
My parents enjoy perks like free vacuum servicing by Kevin.


So Kevin.

I’ve mentioned this Kevin guy quite a bit by now, so I know you’re intrigued.

This fully-bearded mountain man started out as a Michigander, but has since become a Coloradan and seems content to stay put.

Mountain Man
Mountain man in the mountains. I honestly can’t say I’ve ever seen him drink Coke.


Between the two of us, he is definitely the more athletic one. He owned cross country running and soccer during his middle school and teen years, but now he is satisfied to take calm walks with his less athletic wife.

Soaking up some sun.
Less athletic wife pictured here, making friends with hungry chipmunks.


My mom could tell Kevin was a keeper as soon as she saw a picture of his Jack Russel; animal people are generally good people. Though Kevin has always been a dog person, we’ve acquired three cats that he’s pretty fond of. We plan to add at least one dog when we get out of the basement.

Kevin's Puppy
Kevin’s puppy – he stays in CA with Kevin’s parents.

When we met at the summer camp back in 2012, Kevin was one of the kitchen supervisors and I was a lowly kitchen staff member. If you can’t find a guy with similar interests, at least find one that can cook. Lucky for me, Kevin is both. The time we spend cooking together is wonderful bonding time, and Kevin is an incredible chef to boot. Some of his best recipes are his fish tacos, shredded chicken tacos, and chicken tiki masala.

Tiki Masala

Besides being a master chef, Kevin enjoys dabbling in the IT world, and just recently built his own computer in the winter of 2017.

I’ve always loved to garden, but Kevin is my true motivator for tilling the soil (just kidding, someone else always does that for me). Each year a generous portion of the garden is devoted to chili peppers for Kevin’s magnificent hot sauces.

Baby Cucumber
Baby cucumber from our garden!

Education & Career.

Career might be a stretch. I work in the office of a surgery center doing very non-dietitiany things. But I love it, and I work with incredible people.

As far as education, I’m not ready to be done yet. I studied in Nebraska for two years, six months in Argentina, and two more years in California. My next step is to start an MS program online. And of course you can’t forget the MRS. degree I got from working at summer camp.

Hobbies and Interests.

Does cleaning count as a hobby? I do love vacuuming thick plushy carpets and organizing bathroom cupboards. And it’s probably the hobby I have most talent in.

Otherwise I have experimented with knitting, crocheting, sewing, paper quilling, stamping, drawing, card making, and a number of other crafty things. My skill level leaves no room for doubt that the tote bag holding my yarn is indeed homemade.

Reading is something I really wish I had made more time for, with Today’s Dietitian being one of my favorites.

I truly wish I could tell you that I love to exercise (like any good dietitian would), but it is something I’m working on. Although it would be easier to hop on the treadmill for 40 minutes every day, I just can’t do it. Taking the time to find activities I enjoy has helped, and having Kevin around to take walks with helps me hit my 10,000 steps that my FitBit lives for each day. Yoga is another activity I enjoy, and I love the workouts Lindsey (nourish move love) shares on Instagram.

Eating ice cream is definitely a favorite hobby. And an interest.

Ice Cream!
Eating ice cream in the little town of Glenwood.

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to email me at Ashley@rdrefresh.com and follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.